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I’m a UI/UX design and branding designer in St. Louis

As a full-stack UX designer, I work closely with clients to define and develop transformative user experiences across all platforms—from websites and applications to physical products. Me and a team of experts combines years of experience with a deep understanding of user needs to create products that are simple, intuitive and engaging. I'll work with you throughout the entire process—from strategy to design, development and testing—to help ensure your product meets your goals.

What to look for in a full stack designer.

  • Experience in user interface design with best practices and a thorough understanding of mobile-centric and adaptive design. 

  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript skills. 

  • Excellent knowledge of user-centric design and user experience solutions is required to reduce maintenance costs and improve the end user experience. 

  • A strong background of UX principles and methods, Human factors, and usability standards 

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with the design processes, ideas, and solutions for the development teams, business stakeholders, and product management teams. 

  • Practical experience in planning and conducting user research, usability tests, A/B tests, rapid prototyping, heuristic analysis and determination of accessibility concerns. 

  • Deep knowledge of modern design and prototyping tools, including Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Axure, etc. 

  • Have an open mindset to receiving feedback.

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