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The Ask

Maid Central approached me with an aging SaaS platform that required a significant overhaul of its user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). Collaborating closely with their in-house development lead, we identified and prioritized the most significant pain points and embarked on the project. This was an excellent opportunity to enhance the perception of a market leader from a customer's perspective.

Demo 9 - Customer Portal V2
Profile - Scorecard

Premium Product

Elevating an industry leader and aligning the customer experience with the scale of the organization involves fostering a customer-centric culture, mapping the customer journey, collecting and analyzing feedback, streamlining processes, investing in employee training and technology, ensuring consistency, and staying adaptable in a competitive landscape. Success depends on measuring performance, maintaining transparency, and committing to long-term improvement, recognizing that a great customer experience goes beyond the product itself.

Demo 9 - Customer Portal V2.jpg

The Result

The client's delighted with the project's progress, especially the approved designs now in the hands of the development team. As we plan the next phase, their satisfaction boosts team morale, sparks innovation, and holds potential for long-term partnerships and referrals, underscoring the significance of client contentment in project success and growth.

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