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An Experienced designer with a 20 + -year track record in crafting impactful digital campaigns that captivate audiences and yield tangible results. A dynamic and dedicated leader, I seamlessly steer the end-to-end design journey, fusing creativity with practicality for campaigns that garner both client and consumer acclaim. Elevate your projects with my proven expertise.

A Passion for Crafting Engaging Digital Experiences

Creative Director

Explore what a Digital Creative Director does and how they elevate agencies to new heights.

UX Design

Taking conceptual ideas and turning them into valuable experiences.

Product Design

Creative problem-solver who transforms ideas into user-centered products.

Featured Work

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Meet your new creator shop. You pick a product to add to your store, we’ll automatically upload the product, image

Maid Central

My main focus in this project has been to enhance the user experience, giving it a modern and premium feel. This is crucial for MC, a market leader in need of a product upgrade.

Demo 9 - Customer Portal.jpg

Mission Taco Joint

Growing up in California, skating and surfing up and down the coast, inspired the Tillford brothers brought their love of Cali street food to their new Midwest home.

What people are saying.

Jeff is an excellent and very experienced designer and UX expert with an exceptionally easy-to-work-with personality. His understanding of design and creativity within the digital realm is truly second to none. He has the ability to brainstorm, troubleshoot, and come up with a design faster than any other designer that I have ever worked with, and his skills still improve despite the fact that they are already off the charts. Jeff is an excellent designer to work with, and I recommend his work to anyone that needs a designer that has not only vast experience, but real, proven talent.

Sean Sasso

Jeff is one of the coolest guys you could ever work with. He's got a great attitude and a continued calm in the face of fairly anxious situations. His ability to understand design across all mediums is a huge asset when working on large scale campaigns. He's a good teacher and patient coach. But in all things Jeff is committed to excellence in his craft and constantly pushing the envelope.

Josh Hogan

Let’s turn your brand into something great!

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